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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Early Childhood Experiences

Early childhood experiences play a critical role in achieving developmental milestones in a child. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, the richer the experiences, the better the growth - physical as well as mental.

At home, or in the case of those associated with child learning, a lot of thought must be given to setting up the learning environment with "Discovery/Science" in mind, in addition to the basics of language learning and numeracy. Activities must be planned in which children can discover for themselves and learn. By way of illustration, a Discovery Activity on Sounds could have a "Sound Corner" with a variety of objects like tins, drums, sticks, spoons, plates and other things that can be used to produce sounds. If you ask a child to make a sound using these objects, he will be happy to bang the spoon on the table or beat the drums. It's we adults who have a problem with noise!!!

Get children to experiment with making sounds in different ways - get them to jingle keys, press buttons on a keyboard, put  a coin in a tin jar and shake it. Let them explore loud and soft sounds. Then, get your child to think. Ask questions such as - Can you find anything to put in the tin that will produce a soft sound? Do you think rubbing sandpaper on a rock will produce a sound?

There's no end to what we can do to get our child to satisfy his curiosity by exploring.

More in next!

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